Photographer: Robert Collins | Source: Unsplash



To learn a new skill, you find a mentor or guru that has been through it and proven worthy to teach you the skills. Then why is it so hard for you to follow through?

When trying something new, even if we can see the results, we are always skeptical if WE can do it ourselves.

If you’ve already paid up money and started working on it, consciously you have decided you can achieve the goal. But the doubts may be on the subconscious level or a mindset block.

How I overcame those blocks:

1. Ask what is the absolute minimum viable process –

After watching or learning from the internet, we have so many ideas we want to try and think we can or know better.. it’s like trying to be clever for writing a headline but we should just do what works.

But what is the bare minimum we can do to achieve a tiny win?

That’s the question I keep asking myself when I go through the course modules. There’s nice-to-dos and must-dos. What are the must-do tasks? Can it be done now and how long before there are results?

2. Create an urgent timeline – using Parkinson’s Law

Thanks to trial periods ‘forced’ upon us by the course or software, I used that limited time to my advantage.

If we have 7 days to create a website, it may look great, but you are likely only to ‘hand in your homework’ on the last day.

On the flip side, if it was only the weekend to complete a workable website, you will fuss less about the font and spacings and ensure the functionalities work well to achieve the outcomes.

3. Test early, fail early, go back to the process.

Using the minimum viable process with a limited time, we test quickly to see what results we can get. And quickly try other parts of the lessons to see if the outcomes bring you closer to your goal.

“You are not defined by your past. Trust your potential. Trust the process.”- unknown

Yes, this may not apply to every course or goal, but taking action will overcome the mindset blocks and once you see results, you will build on that to achieve greater heights.