Photographer: Kolby Milton | Source: Unsplash


You might wonder what Side Muses are? Why the word “muse”?

Deeply inspired by Tim Ferris’s 4-hour work week where he coined the term muse as a “low-maintenance business that generates significant income to finance our ideal lifestyle”.

The purpose we started is to document our journey to find that illusive side hustle that is profitable, fulfilling and easy to work on, on top of our day job. If you’re looking to start your own side hustle, we hope you draw inspiration from this.

Drawing from Tim’s ideology, these are the 4 traits of an ideal side muse.

1) Undemanding

The key in having an undemanding muse is such that you don’t have to work long hours on it. This is perfect for us since we still have to slog at our full time employment until a unicorn muse(s) shows up to fund our ideal lifestyle.

2) Easily manageable

In order not to spend too much time on your muse, you have to own the business and be as hands-off as much as possible. Just how do we do that? One way is to hire contractors to run the business for you and only contact you when absolutely necessary. The other is to automate your processes. Again, this benefit will free us up from being caught in the cogwheel of work.

3) Something that comes naturally to us

We want to find work that capitalises our strengths. In Marcus Buckingham’s research, he found that when we work with our strengths, it makes us feel energised.

“It is an activity that strengthens you, draws you in, makes time fly by and makes you feel strong.”

4) Joyful

The idea of joyful work sounds extremely abstract. But let’s borrow Marie Kondo’s take on this. She recommends asking ourselves if something sparks joy, if it does, our body will respond with a little thrill. “Joy is personal so everyone will experience it differently”. To find our sparks of joy, we will try to look for excitement while working on the muse.

We hope our definitions on side muses help with the search for yours.

Let us know what you discover on your journey.