Photographer: Medienstürmer | Source: Unsplash



While learning from YouTube videos, podcasts, books and articles are great, there’s nothing better than having an experienced mentor, coach or fellow hustler to help answer your burning questions directly.

But how do we make the best of a single coaching call?

1. Give enough context or background of where you are at or trying to do

Once the coach is able to ‘place’ you at the stage of the progress and understand the reasons of your choices over others, he or she can advise better.

It could be as simple as letting them know you are just starting the journey or already gotten your first sale but not sure what to do next?

2. Ask specific questions

The more specific you can get, the better the answer will be.

Yes, sometimes we may not even know what to ask. That’s why in point 1, we have to give enough context or background for the coach to personalise the advise.

Vocalise the problems you need answers for can quickly help you formulate specific questions.
There are no silly questions, but of course if Googling gets you the answer, do some homework before getting on the call. Otherwise you are wasting both the coach and your time.

3. Do clarify and get action points

Don’t be shy to clarify the answers to your questions. Good answers can lead to better questions for action steps.

And where possible, leave the call with clear action steps you can do next.

Some answers can only be found by taking action.

The clearer the action step, even if it’s a small task, can help you get unstuck and move forward.